We're Oolors.


Print With Us


Keeping it real since Apr 2021.
Oolors’s here to help print ideas and
create incredible tools to make
your creative vision a reality.


Oolors is a digital print platform for starting entrepreneurs
to build the tools they need to draw attention to their brand
—leaving a bit of sparkle everywhere they go.

Be You, Do You, For You

Print ain’t that difficult with us. We’re about you. 
Everything is right at your fingertips, with customisable
options, there’s nothing to worry about.

Our brand vision is to design tools to build something
bigger so that you’re off to a better start—it’s about
making creativity accessible and easier for everyone.

Escape the Ordinary

Oolors’s parent brand is Allegro Print, an established 
house founded in 2002, with more than a decade worth
of experience in assisting local (SG) and global designers
for some seriously playful print projects. 

With Oolors, we're hoping to demystify print to help the
non-experts (keeping it hassle-free so that you can think
of the other important stuff). We know what we’re doing,
so tap on us.

Tactility, experiences and joy are three intrinsic values we
bring to everything we do. We’ve always believed that materials
matter and design defines. So you know what we're in to.

Don’t Be Average, Be Savage

Be the kind of person that makes others step up their game.
In every print product we make, we hope for it to be enough
of a sensation, as a conversation starter. Giving you tools to
have an edge over the rest.

Every ending is happy if you’re not happy it’s not the end.
We know that it can’t just be all business, so we do have
meaningful products: one-off art prints, charming postcards,
bespoke prints, pictures of moments and more!