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STPI Gallery proudly presents the first major solo exhibition in Southeast Asia by LA-based painter and sculptor Aaron Curry. From his suspended Grid-Trip Cluster paper sculptures to the free-standing Ghost Bone series, Curry transforms the gallery into a starburst of fluorescent patterns and constellations which transport visitors into the ‘lost realm’ between the two- and three- dimensional.

The Author

Characterised by saturated neon colours and evocative organic shapes, the biomorphic sculptural works, inspired by a myriad of art movements such as cubism and surrealism, are effortless drawings in space. Illusions of depth are created through offhand shading and crosshatch strokes and juxtaposed with blunt outlines and solid colours. Through this, Curry masterfully merges the experience of surface and dimensionality in a visually stimulating tango.

Text by Jonathan Griffin.

FormatSoftcover, 82 pages, English Book
Publication Date2018
PublisherSTPI – Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Publication CitySingapore
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