The Book

“Play Play Laaaaah,” featuring the work of Studio Bang-gu founded by Singaporean designer, Lucien Ng, and Korean designer, Daisy DalHae Lee. It is a zine about reimagining Singapore’s most iconic playground for the next generation. Its pages are filled with a reimagined form of play that invokes people’s memories of their youth—a simpler time when decisions were made based on a game of hand gestures. The form encapsulates Singapore’s heritage and way of playing, inspiring future generations to be curious and imaginative while playing.

The Author

Studio Bang-Gu is a collaborative design practice founded by Daisy (Dal Hae) Lee & Lucien Ng in 2016.

Engaged in ongoing partnerships in the fields of art & commerce, our work is fueled by a multifaceted influence of eastern and western sensibilities.

FormatSoftcover, 32 pages, English Book
Publication Date2021
PublisherStudio Bang-gu
Publication CityNew York City, Brooklyn
Edition Size2nd Edition
Dimension152 x 203mm

Studio Bang-gu

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