The Book

Tōge gives an insight into the broad landscape of art and South East Asia art in particular, into the minds of the artists and into the minds of the collectors. How to manage them ( they probably constitute the most eccentric and difficult people to handle) and how to negotiate a fair deal in the midst of turmoil and emerge with everyone with a happy face. 

This book is a must for art lovers, artists, art gallery owners, art collectors and the ordinary person who wants to learn about the craft of running an art gallery with all its intricacies of financial and people management. Happy reading.


The Author

This book narrates the extraordinary journey of three decades of an art gallery owner named Gim from it’s earliest inception running a small art outfit in a cultural district to a full blown art dealer negotiating deals for top regional museums and art collectors. The intrigues, the behind the scenes secrets, the double dealings of big name artists and art collectors are all there. 

His personal devotion to his stable of artists calls upon him to be innovative in his support scheme with monthly stipend.  On top of that, he is tirelessly discovering under-recognised artists and giving them their rightful place in the perspective of the regional art history.

FormatSoftcover, 360 pages, English Book
Publication Date2022
PublisherGim Ng, Shenns Softart
Publication CitySingapore
Edition SizeFirst Edition
Dimension210 x 260mm

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