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This book celebrates reaching the 10th year milestone of Green Zeng's practice and consolidates his works from 2010-2020. It also includes essays by writers, curators and friends, which offer critical and personal insights into the artist’s thoughts, influences and work process. Contrary to a review being one of looking back, Notes for the Future is a reminder of how forward-looking Green Zeng’s work has always been, and how engaging with it moves us into the future.

The AuthorGreen Zeng is a multi-disciplinary artist from Singapore. His art practice explores issues of historiography and identity, and examines how history is written, interpreted and disseminated. His earlier work focused on topics such as alternative histories, the history of student activism, the left and communism, and political detainees and exiles in Singapore. His recent work questions the connection between the archives, the state and the individual, and the role that an artist plays in Foucault’s notion of ‘parrhesia’ (truth-telling).
FormatSoftcover, 158 pages, English Book
Publication Date2021
PublisherGreen Zeng
Publication CitySingapore
Edition SizeFirst Edition
Dimension180 x 240mm


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