OFFCUT is a creative initiative by Allegro Print, Oolor's parent brand in Singapore, to manage paper waste better. 

Simple, yet organized. At a glance, you’ll be able to keep track of all the important events you’ve got planned for the month. Broken up into neat, easy-to-understand grids, note down your crucial deadlines, birthdays of loved ones or even just those dinner plans you’ve been looking forward to.  

Colour 4C x 0C (Printing on 1 side) CMYK
Size 162mm x 113mm
Substrate Oblong landscape pad with a tear edge. 
  • Paper types differs from when it was made
    (as whatever leftovers or waste paper then is used to make the OFFCUT products)
112mm x 210mm1S$ 6.00
2S$ 12.00
4S$ 24.00
6S$ 36.00
8S$ 48.00
10S$ 60.00
12S$ 72.00
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Crafting your tool

Total : S$ 6.00
Estimated Total : S$ 6.00