OFFCUT is a creative initiative by Allegro Print, Oolor's parent brand in Singapore, to manage paper waste better. 

For every printed matter that is created, be it books, magazines, cards or paper paraphernalia in any form — remnants from their make are inevitably left behind. These are the off-cuts — good quality paper that can no longer be used because they are odd-sized, or random in their hue. Every year, tonnes of these are discarded because printers lack storage space or a purpose for them. Allegro Print launched OFFCUT in order to re-purpose these remnant papers into refreshed stationery, turning "waste material" into sustainable goods for everyday use.  

Colour 4C x 0C (Printing on 1 side) CMYK
Size One Size – 150 x 280 mm
Substrate Wrapped with Tyvek
Pages/sheets100 sheets
  • In each pack, there are two notepads worth up to $10
  • With an additional limited edition bonus notepad design
  • Pack comes with a external gold tag for you to write the address of the recipient, if you are sending it as a gift.
One Size1S$ 10.00
2S$ 20.00
4S$ 40.00

Crafting your tool

Total : S$ 10.00
Estimated Total : S$ 10.00

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