OFFCUT is a creative initiative by Allegro Print, Oolor's parent brand in Singapore, to manage paper waste better. 

Add an alternative touch to your gift — and encase it within these fun-sized pillow boxes made in a refreshing slate of colors. Easy to fold and reuse, they’re ideal for storing small trinkets such as necklaces or socks, and can be embellished further with decorative ornaments. 

Colour 0C x 0C (No Printing) CMYK
Size 170mm Width
Substrate Various Metallic Shimmer Paper
Pages/sheetsSet of 3 Pillow Box
  • Paper types differs from when it was made
    (as whatever leftovers or waste paper then is used to make the OFFCUT products

  • Paper colour will also be at random
170mm Width1S$ 10.00
2S$ 20.00
4S$ 40.00

Crafting your tool

Total : S$ 10.00
Estimated Total : S$ 10.00

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