Meet In Time Planner, a timeless (undated) planner that's ironically in time whenever. Perfect for everything from to-do listing to sketching to planning, after all it's a hybrid between a notebook and a planner. It's also great for unplanned wet situations too!

In Time Planner series comes in three different gradient colour palettes, each reflecting the transition of time in various parts of the day: Morning, Afternoon and  Evening. Each has a distinctive paper layout respectively: Grid, Dotted and Lined.

Check out our Kickstart Campaign (ENDED) here for an in-depth explanation about the In Time Planner ! 

Colour 2C x 2C Pantone Colour
Size 150mm x 200mm
Substrate Fabric Hard Cover + Water Repellent Paper
Finishing Swiss Bound
Pages/sheets208 pages
  • Flexibility to check the desired month, date
  • Key line to create your to-do list on the sid
  • Paper can withstand incidental or light cointact with water
  • Book can lay 180º degrees flat on the table
  • Flexible Fabric Hardcover
150mm x 200mm1S$ 38.88
2S$ 77.76
3S$ 116.64

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Total : S$ 38.88
Estimated Total : S$ 38.88