OFFCUT is a creative initiative by Allegro Print, Oolor's parent brand in Singapore, to manage paper waste better. 

We won’t tell you how to enjoy your weekend. This notepad is filled with plenty of space for you to make your own fun happen. A side column listing the hours of the weekend is accompanied by a checklist of things you could do during your free time — be it sleeping in, some retail therapy or time to yourself.  

Colour 4C x 0C (Printing on 1 side) CMYK
Size 162mm x 113mm
Substrate Oblong landscape pad with a tear edge. 
  • Paper types differs from when it was made
    (as whatever leftovers or waste paper then is used to make the OFFCUT products)
162 x 113 mm1S$ 4.00
2S$ 8.00
4S$ 16.00
6S$ 24.00
8S$ 32.00
10S$ 40.00
12S$ 48.00
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Crafting your tool

Total : S$ 4.00
Estimated Total : S$ 4.00