OFFCUT is a creative initiative by Allegro Print, Oolor's parent brand in Singapore, to manage paper waste better. 

The Japanese art of furoshiki notions the use of a reusable piece of material to wrap and transport items around. Presented in the concept of a tissue box, 4 exclusively designed furoshiki wraps made from durable tyvek fabric are stored within for easy pull and use. 

Colour 1C x 0C (Printed on 1 side) CMYK
Size 690mm x 690mm
Substrate Tyvek Material
Pages/sheetsSet of 4 Designed Wraps
  • Water Resistant, Lightweight, Tear Resistant, 100% Recyclable
  • Great for wrapping gifts, carrying goods or serving as a décoration piecem like a table cloth or a picnic blanket.
  • Tyvek has a paper-like hard structure and fabric-like soft structure. It's a great material with infinite possibilities.
690mm x 690mm1S$ 35.00
2S$ 70.00
4S$ 140.00

Crafting your tool

Total : S$ 35.00
Estimated Total : S$ 35.00